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Curved Pad Printing Logica 08, Tampo Print Services

Curved Printing Pad Printing Machines

Why should you have to design a product to compensate for the limitations of your printer? With a pad printing machine from TOSH, printing on curved surfaces yields the high quality result you need, no matter what you’re printing on.

TOSH pad printing machines can be programmed to provide extremely high quality results on virtually any substrate. Whether you need to print on food, pharmaceuticals, appliance panels, or promotional products – pad printers present an ideal solution that stands well above other printing methods.

Curved Printing with pad Printers from TOSH

When printing on curved surfaces, pad printers provide the features and flexibility that help you meet your production goals without sacrificing speed or quality – no matter what type of surface you’re printing on.

High Speed Pad Printers: a number of micro series pad printers are available that have been designed to accommodate various industrial production applications. Their compact size combined with excellent printing force and fast cycle times put Tosh “Micro” pad printers at the top of the food chain when it comes to reliable, fast, and feature-rich printing for curved surfaces.

Flexible Pad Printers: if speed isn’t your biggest concern, and you’d rather have the luxury of pure flexibility, we have the solution for you. Our flexible series of pad printers, including the logica 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 08, covers every facet of the pad printing spectrum. With a wide range of printing forces, max cup diameters ranging from 90mm to 350mm and the ability to work with up to 10 colors, if one of these pad printers can’t provide the curved printing you need, no pad printer can.

Specialty Solutions: Automation and high speed production are what businesses around the world need to stay competitive. Fortunately, “standard” pad printers from TOSH are the perfect platform for custom solutions for your production requirements. Every TOSH pad printer is engineered with an upgrade path for additional conveying accessories, automation controls, and more. We have provided custom pad printing solutions for everything from printing on washing machine panels and shoe heels to bottles and closures.

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