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Appliance Panel Printing

When it comes to printing on irregular surfaces, pad printers stand head and shoulders above the competition as the most versatile and effective printing solution. This is especially true when it comes to printing on appliance panels like you might find on a washing machine or dish washer.

However, TOSH pad printing machines are not like other pad printers. Every TOSH pad printing product is elegantly designed to combine speed, power, and flexibility, which translates into the productivity and performance your business needs.

On top of this, every aspect of a TOSH pad printing machine is engineered with the printing process in mind. Our pad printers are designed and built to be a modular building block that can be easily upgraded to build the perfect printing solution for your business, and we’re ready to help you do it. This ensures that you benefit fully from the TOSH advantage, where every pad printer delivers:

  • High positional accuracy
  • Long life with high motion accuracy
  • High speed motion with low driving force
  • Energy efficient electric operation (when compared to compressed air)
  • Built-in upgrade paths
  • Complete cycle control
  • Independent speed control in every axis of motion
  • Simple automation
  • Multi program memory
  • And more…

Appliance Decorating on Any Surface

For years, we’ve provided pad printers to manufacturers and businesses for printing on appliance panels, membrane switches, and much more. For every application, we’re confident that a TOSH pad printer can deliver the performance our customer’s can trust and quality that reflects in their end product.

Pad printers have become so highly sought after for printing on appliances for the simple reason that they combine incredible performance with the flexibility to match. TOSH pad printers make many impossible printing jobs not just possible, but simple.

If your business can benefit more from greater efficiency, speed, precision, and output – your business will benefit from a TOSH pad printer. Please call (978) 459-6533 or contact us today and let us know how we can help.